🛠️ Proudly TFI Co., a leading manufacturer of steel blades since 1965 in middle east, is here to meet your needs. We specialize in serving bulk orders, catering to the requirements of the butchery industry. With our blades, you can maintain an optimal stock level while ensuring top-notch quality for your production line.
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Quality Meat and Fish Cutting Blades

TFI Co. offers top-quality meat cutting and fish blades engineered for precision and durability. Crafted from superior materials, these blades are designed to meet specific cutting needs, from precise fish slicing to demanding bone-in meat cutting.

Efficiency in Cutting

Our meat cutting band saw blades are optimized for efficient cuts, minimizing waste while reducing cutting costs. Whether it's fast bone-in beef, pork, lamb, fish, or frozen meat cutting, our 13 ft. 10 inch long blades with a width of 5/8" are up to the task.

  • For Fast Bone-in Beef, Pork, Lamb, Fish, or Frozen Meat Cutting
  • 13 ft. 10 inch Long
  • 5/8" Width
  • 4 Tooth
  • 0.025" Thickness
  • 1 Count/Pack

Precision for Your Needs

Our meat and fish cutting bandsaw blades are tailored to deliver sharp and accurate cuts. Whether you're in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, or any other industrial market, our blades provide consistent performance for your cutting requirements.

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TFI CO. Steel Blades Manufacturer for Meat Bandsaw

TFICO Bandsaw Blades for Meat Cutting Purpose

Middle East first and oldest manufacturer of steel blades TFICO experts produce the finest bandsaw knives. Supporting the clients in butchery industry had been never better in quality and service after sales in middle east.

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Bandsaw Blades for Meat, Bone in Butchery Industry by TFI Co.

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