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Packaging Industry Solutions: Unleashing Convenience and Efficiency

At TFI Co., we understand the importance of convenience and speed in the packaging industry. That's why we offer a unique range of dedicated machines and manufacturing cells that deliver quick turnaround times. Our industrial machine knives are designed to meet the demands of various packaging applications, including VFFS, HFFS, cup and tray sealing, rollstock, and vacuum packaging. With cutting-edge technology, we provide cutting edges such as straight tooth bagger knives, zig zag flow wrappers, cross cut and slitting knives.

Our expertise goes beyond standard offerings. We can manufacture OEM tooth designs, including serrated, perforated, and EZ open profiles, to cater to your specific application. Additionally, we offer the ability to add tear notches, wear and nonstick coatings for enhanced functionality. With our use of superior European grades of stainless steel and precision sharpening techniques, we ensure consistent tooth profiles for impeccable package appearance, maximum yields, and the ability to cut all grades and thicknesses of films. For added convenience and cost-effectiveness, we also provide the option to manufacture new or reconditioned sealing jaws or crimpers.

With over 60 years of industry experience, TFI Co. brings unrivaled knowledge in machine knife composition. Our commitment to superior-quality material grades, hardness, finishes, and precise dimensional tolerances guarantees maximum yields for our customers.

Our Extensive Manufacturing Capabilities

TFI Co. boasts a fully equipped manufacturing facility with a diverse range of capabilities to meet your needs. Our highly skilled engineers excel in all types of toothing, and our machinery enables us to produce in coil up to 100m and bar up to 200mm while maintaining accuracy down to 0.05mm. We maintain a significant inventory of various items, and we can also manufacture blades with short delivery times. Our offerings include:

  • Vertical Form Fill blades
  • Tray seal knives
  • Case Sealer/taper blades
  • Vacuum Cut off knives
  • Bagger blades
  • Tiger tooth knives
  • Scalloped knives
  • Toothed coil
  • Apex toothed blades
  • Tear Notched knives

Tailored Solutions for Flow-Wrap Applications

At TFI Co., we have a dedicated cell focused on manufacturing flow-wrap knives and anvils. Our expertise includes producing zigzag blades and tear-notch knives of any length. As an OEM manufacturer, we prioritize seamless and reliable seals, ensuring key tolerances are met. Our inventory comprises regularly moving items, and we also excel in manufacturing bespoke, custom-tailored parts based on your product and packaging materials. Our product range includes:

  • Zigzag knives & anvils
  • Euro slot punches
  • Crimp jaws
  • Punch and Die
  • Flow wrap knives
  • Over wrap knives
  • End of Line
  • Vacuum punches

Countries We Proudly Serve

We take pride in serving the packaging industry across various countries. We have successfully provided our high-quality comb blades and zig-zag TFI Co. knives to customers in the following regions:

  • UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Musaffah, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah
  • Saudi Arabia: Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah
  • Oman: Muscat
tfico,machine,knives,down scroll
tfico,machine,knives,down scroll
we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge solutions that optimize your packaging and converting processes.

Enhance Your Packaging Industry and Converting Process with TFI Co.'s Cutting-Edge Machine Knives

Discover the Superiority of TFI Co.'s Machine Knives in the Packaging Industry and Converting Factories.

Experience exceptional performance and precision with our machine knives tailored specifically for various cutting-edge machines:

  • Gravure Coaters
  • Slot Die Coaters
  • Reverse Roll Coaters
  • Transfer Roll Coaters
  • Modular Coaters
  • Knife Over Roll Coaters
  • Hot Melt Coaters
  • Specialty Coaters
  • Carousel Winders
  • Turret Winders
  • Stretch Film Winders

At TFI Co., we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge solutions that optimize your packaging and converting processes. Our machine knives are meticulously engineered to ensure unrivaled performance, durability, and precision. Experience the difference today!

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Cob Blades to cut Packaging in Saudi Arabia Made by TFI Co.

Packaging of Food Stuff Wraps and seal them with steel blades and machine knives of TFI Co. available for UAE, Sauid Arabia and Oman
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Comb Blades Teeth Knives for Cutting Pakcages in UAE, Dubai Made by TFI Co. Machine knives manufacturer, remscheid, california, riyadh, tehran, qatar, oman, shadmehr, industrial,
Comb Blades for Packaging Industry - UAE - TFI Co.

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TFI Co.: Precision Knives and Anvils for Package Cutting Solutions is your go-to destination for knives and anvils, specializing in package cutting for both horizontal and vertical applications. At TFI Co., we take pride in our comprehensive engineering and design services, offering solutions for various manufacturing needs.

Engineering Excellence and Design Services

  • Diagnostic assistance for manufacturing issues.
  • Design change or improvements tailored to your requirements.
  • Full-circle project development and follow-up for a seamless process.

Vertical Bagger Fly-Thru Knives

Our vertical bagger fly-thru knives are available in different styles, including scalloped tooth, serrated coarse tooth, and serrated fine tooth. TFI Co. Tool is dedicated to manufacturing custom and OEM knives and anvils for horizontal wrappers and vertical bagging machines. Our range includes zig-zag knives, diagonal knives, straight knives, and fly-thru knives.

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Fly thru blades cutting knives - TFI Co.

TFI Co. Tool utilizes the finest materials, ensuring impact strength and wear resistance. Our premium knife and anvil materials result in a superior product, eliminating common issues like chipping, cracking, and breakage associated with carbide. This not only offers cost-effectiveness but also longer-lasting knives and anvils.

  • Offered for horizontal knives, anvils, and fly-thru knives.
  • Competitively challenges carbide knives and anvils in edge strength, wear resistance, and durability.
  • As strong as carbide but more cost-effective.
  • Longer-lasting knives and anvils reduce part changes and adjustments.

Package Cutting Solutions

Explore our horizontal rotary knife edges, including straight, diagonal, standard zig-zag, diagonal zig-zag, multi-pitch zig-zag, and perforating options, providing comprehensive solutions for your package cutting needs.

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Diagonal Zig-Zag UAE
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