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Experience Precision and Efficiency with Doctor Blades

Unlock the potential of precise and controlled liquid, ink, and coating application with our revolutionary doctor blades. At TFI Co., we provide critical tools that are indispensable in a wide array of industries, such as printing and coating. Our doctor blades play a vital role in ensuring accurate metering, removing excess material, and maintaining a consistent film thickness throughout the printing and coating processes.

Crafted from the finest high-quality materials, including steel, stainless steel, and composite materials, our doctor blades are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and longevity. The choice of material is tailored to suit specific application requirements, ensuring seamless compatibility with different types of inks, coatings, and substrates. The result? Superior precision and unmatched results in all your applications.

Unraveling the Usual Characteristics of Doctor Blades

Our doctor blades are meticulously designed to embody the pinnacle of precision and flexibility. Engineered with precise edges, they conform flawlessly to the shape of the cylinder or roller they are applied to, ensuring unparalleled metering and efficient scraping of excess material.

Durability is our priority, and that's why our doctor blades are engineered to possess excellent wear resistance. Withstanding constant friction and wear during operation, our blades stand the test of time, delivering consistent performance over an extended period.

Chemically compatible and corrosion-resistant, our doctor blades are built to withstand contact with various inks, coatings, and chemicals. Rest assured, they remain pristine and effective, delivering top-notch results in every application.

Achieving impeccable printing and coating results hinges on a smooth surface finish. Our doctor blades boast a perfectly smooth surface, eliminating any risk of scratching or damaging the surfaces they come into contact with. The result? Unrivaled print quality and coating consistency.

Whether it's flexographic printing, gravure printing, coating processes, packaging, label production, automotive, electronics, or pharmaceuticals, our doctor blades offer precise and controlled application, revolutionizing your processes and achieving desired outcomes in various industries.

Countries We Proudly Serve

With a global reach and a commitment to excellence, we take pride in serving industries in the following countries:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi)
  • Qatar
  • Oman
  • Belarus
  • Russia

Our presence continues to expand as we look forward to serving more countries in other regions too. Our research center's unwavering dedication to continuous development and innovation ensures that we provide maximum added value to all our users now and in the future.

Explore Our Range of Doctor Blades

Unleash the full potential of your printing and coating processes with our versatile doctor blade solutions. From Stainless Steel, STANDARD, GOLD, to ULTIMATELIFE, each type comes with distinct features catered to specific application needs.

Stainless Steel

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Especially suitable for water-based inks, lacquers, and substrates with high pH values
  • Increased service life compared to standard blades


  • High-quality European steel
  • The specially polished blade guarantees smooth and sharp doctoring
  • Available in all configurations


  • Perfect performance at all contact angles
  • No start-up time due to the technically advanced lamella profile
  • Reduces defects in the entire print run
  • Precise ink metering
  • Corrosion protection


  • An excellent doctor blade from the LONGLIFE family
  • Thanks to the slightly softer coating for fine texts
  • Gentle on the cylinder surface at high running performance
  • The tobacco industry is the main area of application
  • For printing barcodes and structured texts
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