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TFI Co. Machine Repairing services

At TFI Co., we offer machine repairing services in UAE for a variety of machines. Our team of experienced professionals can assist with repairing press brake machines, including oil leakage, washer and seal repairs, alignment repairs, and control panel repairs. We also offer repairs for hydraulic shearing machines, including shearing blade rotation, knife sharpening, oil leakage repairs, washer and seal repairs, alignment repairs, and control panel repairs. In addition, we provide repairing services for roll forming machines and control panels and electronics of machines. Our services are available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and other emirates. Contact us today to discuss your machine repair needs.

Areas we cover:

  • -Dubai
  • -Sharjah
  • -RAK
  • -Abu Dhabi

Machines we do Repair

  • Press Brake machines
  • Hydraulic Shearing Machines
  • Roll Forming Machines
  • Control Panels and Electronics of Machines

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Machine repairing in UAE

Specific Problems of Machines that TFI Co. repairs

  • Press Brake machines: Oil leakage, washer and seal issues, alignment problems, and control panel malfunctions
  • Hydraulic Shearing Machines: Shearing blade wear, dull knives, oil leakage, washer and seal issues, alignment problems, and control panel malfunctions
  • Roll Forming Machines: Misalignment, excessive wear, and control panel malfunctions
  • Control Panels and Electronics of Machines: Malfunctions, damaged components, and outdated technology.

  • Available in United Arab Emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah Plus other Emirates
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    UAE Machine repiring metalworking industry in UAE - TFI Co.

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    Press Brake machines

    Oil leakage, washer and seal issues, alignment problems, and control panel malfunctions

    Oil leakage

    Our expert technicians diagnose and repair oil leakage issues in press brake machines promptly to ensure uninterrupted operation and tight hydrualic jacks.

    Washer and seal issues

    We address washer and seal problems carefully, replacing worn-out components with high-quality replacements to prevent leaks and maintain machine integrity.

    Alignment problems

    Our team precisely aligns press brake machines to ensure accurate bending operations, minimizing errors and enhancing productivity along the length of press brake machine. A unique bending angle will be achived after our repair.

    Control panel malfunctions

    We diagnose and rectify control panel malfunctions efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and seamless operation of press brake machines.

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    Repiring Press brake machine UAE Dubai

    Hydrualic Guillotine Shearing machines

    Sharpening for Shearing blade wear, Grinding for dull knives, Caring about oil leakage, Maintanance of washer and seal issues, Rectifying alignment problems, and correction of control panel malfunctions

    Sharpening for Shearing Blade Wear

    Our sharpening services address wear and tear on shearing blades, ensuring they maintain optimal cutting performance.

    Grinding for Dull Knives

    We offer grinding solutions to restore the sharpness of dull knives, enhancing cutting efficiency.

    Caring about Oil Leakage

    Our maintenance services include addressing oil leakage issues, ensuring the proper functioning and longevity of your machine.

    Maintenance of Washer and Seal Issues

    We provide comprehensive maintenance for washer and seal issues, preventing leaks and ensuring machine integrity.

    Rectifying Alignment Problems

    Our technicians specialize in rectifying alignment issues, ensuring precise and accurate cutting results.

    Correction of Control Panel Malfunctions

    We offer solutions to correct control panel malfunctions, ensuring smooth operation and control of your machine.

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    Shearing machine repiring UAE TFI Co
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